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  • fourklift 10k wite boom model 2009 per month price 3000.00$
  • Haice car wite holding of 18 passengers model 2010 per month price 1300.00 $
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Ladies and gentlemen!

Always Best Logistic Services Company is one of the most experienced companies in Afghanistan up and running and is more fortunate to launch its performances in the field of logistic for the most successful accomplishment.

About ABLS Co

Always Best Logistic Services & services established in early (05.05.2012) is registered entity with Afghan Investment Support LogisticsAgency (AISA) as a private company. With license No# [D-42368] Always Best Lgistic Services was founded  with the sole objective of providing Logistic services such as vehicle lease (armored/simple), transportation services, high quality fuel and lubricants, and Trading services including import and export of wide variety of products to the Afghan market mainly focusing on International Organizations, Security Companies and Aid Agencies.
Always Best Logistic Services   provide full range of logistics supply and services all over Afghanistan with reliable costs and minimum durations. Always Best Logistic Services has the reputation of work with the Governmental authorities of Afghanistan, as well as the other civilian and military contractors in the field of supply/logistics services.
Always Best Logistic Services is committed achieving the highest level of...More

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